Chairman's Message


With the dawn of each New Year and the passing of each new day, we at the St. Thomas Senior Secondary School, Brown Road, Ludhiana, rededicate ourselves to our mission of carrying the ever radiating torch of education into the big Wide World. In this, our unfailing faith in the Lord Almighty helps us to remain committed, steadfast and strong, for He remains our Father, who leads us.

Through the education, we impart to our children, we endeavour to reach out to Society and there by into a rapidly progressing world. We firmly believe that grooming every child entrusted to our care, chiselling his talents and empowering him academically is important. Preparing him socially with the help of the parents to give him emotional security and strength, will help him to fly out into the broad expanse of this universe to lead a life of dignity and success with God's blessings.

St. Thomas Senior Secondary School is dedicated to providing their students with a head start in today's competitive world. It emphasises laid on nurturing character, personality, values and vocational skills.

By education we mean an allround drawing out of the best in child and adultbody, mind and spirit. Literacy is not the end of education nor even the beginning. It is only one of the means whereby man and woman can be educated. Literacy in itself is no education.

All children can grow and learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment. Our mission is to educate children through a comprehensive academic curriculum, supported by critical thinking skills, as well as communicating skills. Students are provided opportunities that promote social, emotional, cultural, mental and physical growth.

The high standards we have been maintaining in our schools are reinforcem ent of our basic beliefs.

"Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers, where the vision is 42 years, cultivate trees, where the vision is eternity, cultivate people".

The Rt. Rev. Younas Massey, Bishop